LORA history

History Radio LORA München?

  • The first Radio LORA was founded in Zurich, Switzerland. It served as the flagship for the “local radio” in Munich which was later established in 1986. “LoRa” is the abbreviation for “local radio.
  • In 1986 Members from various initiatives in Munich founded a “radio initiative,” however they were confronted with many challenges: no FM frequency, no money, many ideas, but without the groundwork for realization.
  • 1990 was the Foundation of “LORA friends” association.
    The aim of this nonprofit association was to raise money to finance a part of the costs of a radio station – without advertising.
  • 1993 Lora received a FM frequency and “went on air” for only 26 minutes because of a dispute with another Munich Radio station who wanted to own this frequency alone.
    FM frequencies were/are toughly fought over!
  • 1994 LORA almost disintegrated: Several times the masthead, which comprises the company details of LORA was not properly broadcasted. Because of this error in operation, LORA had to pay over 10,000 Euros to the public authorities and 1,500 Euros in court costs, simply because of the lack of this masthead being broadcasting properly!
    The demand for this is in the German law which requires each radio station to announce its company details (Address, phone number, Email, website, managing director, etc.) at least once per day.
  • 1994 LORA changed to frequency 92.4 FM, sharing this frequency (split) with other radio stations. Currently, radio spit is used very seldom since only 1 or 2 split frequencies exist now in Bavaria.
  • 2004 FM frequencies were time limited. As a result 92.4 FM was reallocated. Then, in the public advertisement LORA had 16 competitors! For this reason, frequency was renewed and LORA received a new daily broadcasting time: Mon-Fri 17:00 – 24:00 clock (the rest of the day is taken by Horeb, Christian Radio and Radio Feierwerk).
  • 2012 was the beginning of digital broadcasting DAB+.
  • Today: LORA sends a FM live program from 17:00-24:00 and the rest of the day is an automated re-play loop in DAB+ and livestream in internet.

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